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If You Bail Someone Out – Are You Responsible For Them?

If You Bail Someone Out – Are You Responsible For Them

Bail stands as an assurance that when someone is released, he or she will return to court at the scheduled time.

When arrested for a crime, you can either pay the bail, hire the service of bondsman to do it for you, or simply remain in jail.

In the event that you have paid to bail someone out of jail, it is likely you did so – paying the whole bail fee, or have contacted a bail bondsman to make the bail payment on your behalf.

In the scenario where the payment was made by you, and then the crime perpetrator refuses or fails to attend court proceeding as may be scheduled, you will lose the bail amount that you provided for their bail.

If a bondsman made the bail and the defendant fails to attend the court proceeding, the bondsman will lose the bail fee paid on behalf of the defendant.

In the worst scene, to reconcile matters, a bounty hunter will be hired to go find the defendant.
When a defendant jumps bail, it is practically considered as a criminal offense and the offender will be charged with additional criminal charges.

The Question Is: Are You Responsible For Someone You Bail Out Of Jail?

You are not really responsible in any real legal sense. It is up to the defendant to make it to court to attend all the scheduled court appearances.

You don’t have legal responsibilities for them; however, you may lose your bail fee that was posted for the bail. Also you may have to pay the remainder of the total bail fee.

It would be recommended that you know the defendant well and that they are not likely to skip their hearing and to stay in touch with the defendant, making sure you encourage him/her to appear in court when required.


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